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How Hanging Sun Catcher Crystals Benefit Traveling

Dec 5, 2022

The world is a veritable oyster, with travel being the main pearl for any and all to enjoy. Apart from enjoying the many different experiences and meeting new people, exposing oneself to these has a way of improving one’s character and worldly outlook.

Despite the enjoyment and benefits of traveling, there is always the risk of something untoward happening and affecting one’s safety and health.

That is why it is important to not take any chances and do whatever it takes to stay safe. One uncommon way to do so is through crystals.

Hanging sun catcher crystals are one of the most beautiful ways to elevate any space. Not only do they look stunning, but they also have a range of benefits that can enhance your travel experience. Here’s how hanging sun catcher crystals can benefit your travels.

The Power of Crystals: Uses and Usefulness

Crystals are a type of mineral that is found deep in the Earth and often come in the form of quartz, diamonds, and other shiny stones. While they were once thought to be used only for adornment or as an investment, crystals have been increasingly associated with spiritual uses. In many cultures today, including Hinduism, Buddhism and Chinese traditional medicine, crystals are believed to hold healing properties when utilized properly.

The practical use of crystals goes beyond just looking pretty or having a certain energy field. Crystals can be used for calming, grounding and purifying one’s environment. They can also be used for protection from negative energies and harm.

Each crystal has its own special purpose or power—some for luck and fortune, others for health and prosperity, still others to ward off evil.

These are powers that can be harnessed and used to benefit travelers who may need an extra boost of protection or luck while on the go.

Akitai Sun Catcher Collection

The beauty of these crystals is how easy they can be brought around. Whether as hanging rear view mirror charms or jewelry, they can be there throughout one’s travels.

Why Crystals Are Good For Traveling

When it comes to traveling, crystals offer a range of benefits that can protect us from harm as well as provide support in times of upheaval or difficulty. Here are some of the reasons why sun catcher crystals are great for travel.

Brings About Calm

The energy field created by sun catcher crystals has a calming effect on individuals, allowing them to stay relaxed during their travels and even help them sleep better when needed. This is especially helpful for those prone to anxiety when in unfamiliar surroundings.

Improves Energy

Crystals are known to be natural energy boosters and sun catcher crystals are no exception. They have the ability to absorb, store, release and regulate energy so that individuals can stay energized even when on long trips or subject to fatigue due to the rigors of travel.

Heightens Intuition

Sun catcher crystals help sharpen one’s intuition and offer insights into situations that may require quick decision making. This is especially helpful for travelers who may need guidance when faced with unfamiliar scenarios as they are able to quickly assess their environments with greater accuracy.

Keeps You Grounded

Traveling can be both exciting and overwhelming at times but sun catcher crystals provide a sense of stability and connection to the earth. This can help travelers stay grounded and focused on the task at hand instead of getting carried away with the excitement or emotions of their travels.

Best Crystals For Traveling

There is an abundance of sun catcher crystals out there, each offering its own unique set of benefits for travelers. Here are some of the best sun catcher crystals for travel.


The first crystal we’ll be talking about is the purple amethyst. This crystal is often associated with protection. It is used to repel any negative energy including anger.

Interestingly enough, this warding of any rage-like emotions or energy makes it a great hanging crystal when driving. This can easily be done via hanging sun catchers on the rear view mirror.

This is what makes the amethyst an ideal crystal to bring around when traveling. It helps a person stay calm while also keeping other irritable drivers away. These are only a few benefits that amethysts give and what makes them a great one to bring around when driving.


Aventurine is a sun catcher crystal known to be the luckiest of all the crystals. It is often associated with wealth and money and has the power to bring good fortune when utilized correctly.

This sun catcher crystal also has calming properties which help neutralize negative energy. This helps travelers remain peaceful even in stressful situations, making it an ideal sun catcher for travel.


The citrine sun catcher crystal is considered one of the best sun catchers for warding off anxiety, depression and panic attacks due to its purifying and prosperity-enhancing qualities. When used, this sun catcher brings about a sense of stability that can help travelers stay grounded even in the most unfamiliar of places.


The turquoise sun catcher is known to be a powerful health protector, often associated with warding off physical ailments and illnesses. This sun catcher also has calming effects that promote emotional clarity and spiritual healing.

It is believed that bringing turquoise sun catchers when traveling can help prevent accidents which make it an ideal sun catcher for travelers who tend to venture on long road trips or have extreme outdoor activities planned.

It is believed that bringing turquoise sun catchers when traveling can help prevent accidents


The obsidian sun catcher crystal is one of the most protective sun catchers out there as it acts as a shield against negative energy in any type of environment or situation. It is known to be especially helpful for travel due to its stabilizing power which helps travelers stay balanced and focused on the task at hand.

Tigers Eye

The tigers eye sun catcher is one of the best sun catchers for travel as it helps bring mental clarity, focus and courage. This sun catcher also carries other benefits such as helping with problem-solving and decision making whenever faced with unfamiliar situations.

White Howlite

Last but certainly not least, we have the white howlite sun catcher crystal. This sun catcher helps one release their stress by calming the emotions and promoting inner peace and tranquility. It is said to be especially helpful for travelers who tend to get anxious while on long trips or in unfamiliar places.

Capitalizing on Crystals for Travel

While Driving as a Hanging Rear View Mirror Charm

Hanging sun catchers on the rear view mirror is a great way to capitalize on sun catcher crystals while driving. This has many benefits.

For starters, the various crystals used can help diffuse the sunlight into a burst of colors. This helps to create an aesthetically pleasing and beautiful space. It can also help to improve a person’s mood.

Furthermore, this helps keep travelers relaxed and focused while also warding off any potential road rage or accidents that may arise.

As Jewelry

Another great way to capitalize on sun catcher crystals for travel is to wear them as jewelry. Necklaces, bracelets, and rings can all be adorned with sun catchers in various shapes and sizes.

This helps keep the sun catchers close to a person’s body which makes it easier to reap the benefits of each sun catcher crystal. Additionally, it adds an aesthetic look that can help make outfits more stylish and fun.

It adds an aesthetic look that can help make outfits more stylish and fun.

While Meditating

Finally, crystals are also great for meditation while traveling. Meditating with crystals has been growing in popularity in the recent years. There are many benefits that it bestows on a person.

This helps travelers stay grounded and centered even when they’re in unfamiliar places or situations.

Simply holding onto any such crystals during meditation ensures that a person stays connected with themselves and their environment which is extremely beneficial for travel.

Crystallize Protection While Traveling

Traveling has become a common thing that people do. Even if a person is not going to different countries or around the world, people travel about each and every day. The simple act of driving from work to home and vice versa still requires every inch of protection as when traveling to another country.

As such, hanging sun catchers are a great rear view mirror accessory that combine a pleasing aesthetic with the power and protection that crystals can give. Bringing them around in one’s car is easily done by just hanging it.

To summarize, sun catchers are wonderful crystals to have while traveling as they can help with calming the emotions, improving energy levels and heightening intuition.

Some of the best crystals for traveling include citrine, turquoise, obsidian, tigers and white howlite just to name a few.

These crystals are easily integrated into sun catcher charms. They can be used in various ways such as hanging them from rear view mirror charms, wearing them as jewelry, meditating with them.

By capitalizing on these sun catchers, travelers will be able to enjoy a stress-free journey filled with peace and tranquility.

We hope that this has been highly informative and will allow you to consider using these crystals as a great way to protect yourself when traveling. If you aren’t quite sure where to get your hanging rear view mirror charm, be sure to check Akitai’s products.

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